Friday, August 31, 2007

Coming soon

Three pieces of my new collection will be unveiled at the South End Art Hop fashion show Strut on Saturday 9/8 at 3pm.

recrafted, ecofriendly jewelry

I have been busy researching beading and jewelry supplies and I have found that some of the resources I had been using were potentially coming from places where workers are paid unfair wages and working in less than desirable environments. I decided it was time I became more eco-friendly with the choices I make in the supplies I buy for my jewelry. Inspired also by the deconstructed movement going on in the indie clothing circles I decided I would like to do the same with jewelry. There are so many wonderful vintage and other lost pieces of jewelry that are just waiting to be found and recrafted into something new.

Purple will be a mixture of recrafted jewelry and new jewelry now made with eco-friendly beads.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm back

I am back from vacation and feeling rejuvenated. I am now busy getting ready for the South End Art Hop fashion show on 9/8. Below is a sneak peak of one of the necklaces from my new collection. I will be announcing the name of the new collection soon so stay tuned.

First Day of School

Today was Enzo's first day of school at Kindergarten. He was very excited to go. Yesterday we had open house and we ran into a family who had been in his daycare center when he was a baby. Their son was in the same infant room as Enzo and now they are in the same Kindergarten class. It was really neat seeing them again. Enzo and Lennon became instant buds. It really helped him today knowing he would see Lennon in line for school. It was over before I knew it and I found myself a weeping mess when I got home. The house seemed so quiet with just Sal and I in it. It felt so weird not having Enzo around but I looking forward to spending one on one time with Sal for the first time ever. He only goes half days this week. Next week they go a full day from 8:10-2:30. Despite how hard the morning was for us, Enzo had a wonderful time. When we picked him up he was full of stories and praise.

I have been a bit nervous because we ended up not sending him to our neighborhood school and instead choice an alternative program held at one of the other public schools in town. It is a non graded, multi age classrooms. They mix the Kinderkids and the 1st graders in one class and have the same teacher for those two years. It used to also mix the 2nd graders but because of the No Child Left Behind testing (bullshit) the 2nd graders had to be separated out to start tes prepping. We thought this would be a good program for Enzo because he is entering kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5 I really liked the idea of a multi age room. I have also read wonderful things about multi age classrooms for primary education and talked with many teachers who also believe in it for that level. The non graded aspect also appealed to me for that age group. The program is offered to everyone in the city. They open up slots from all the schools so there ends up being a mix of kids from all over. The downside is we have to drive everyday and since the school is downtown there is no parking so it is a bit of a pain for drop offs and pick ups. All and all we are very excited about this new phase in our lives. I might even become a member of the PTO (gasp).

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am taking a much needed vacation this week.

Friday, August 17, 2007

rockergirrl out

1. I am going on vacation next week
2. My oldest son starts school for the first time the week after
3. I have a fashion show coming up quickly I have to finish getting ready for.
4. I have two craft events to help organize
5. I have a house to clean
6. I have a jewelry business to run
7. I have two websites to maintain
8. I have 4 blogs to contribute to
and most importantly
9. I have two kids to raise.

I am taking a much needed break from #s 1-8 so I can focus more on #9

see you later alligators.

Sprout Natural Parenting is opening a store on Church Street in October. They currently have a store in Brattleboro VT.

Here is a blurb from their brochure:

Sprout is a retail storefront and online store dedicated to natural parenting. New England's most comprehensive and holistic natuarl parenting store. Everything you need for the pregnant mom, baby and young child: slings and carriers, cloth diapers, organic and ecofriendly children's clothing and shoes, breastfeeding support & supplies, gear, furniture, books & resources, natural health, nursing & maternity wear, wooden, waldorf & montessori toys

They also have a changing station, play cubbies, nursing chair, gift registry, shipping & phone orders.

Sprout was voted "Best of Vermont Eco-conscious Baby Shop" by Boston Magazine in 2007

they will be located at 110 Church street in October. For those local folks they are talking over the space where Discover Channel store used to be.

The brattleboro location is 57 elliot street, brattleboro 802-254-2600

online store coming soon

Yeah I am pretty much going to camp out the night before they open and probably just end up living in their store. It is about time we got a store like this. I have been dreaming of doing something like this one day but at least someone is doing it and doing it very well it seems.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today I was googling my name as I sometimes do and I found one of my necklaces come up on a European blog called B-Tique, Lifestyle & Fashion.

The post was actually about Made Boutique & Gallery but one of the pictures was a necklace of mine.

so thank you B-Tique.

Mama Says

Rockergirrl has joined Mama Says as a new contributor.

Mama Says is a collobrative blog. A vehicle for the voice of the mother.

Linda began Mama Says in 2004. It has evolved from a print newsletter to a blog/list-serv + political/social action circle.

Linda is also the owner of Vermont Diaper Company
She has many other ventures up her sleeve. I have a feeling we will be colloborating quite a bit in the near future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recent Toy recalls

Everyone is in a tizzy over the latest recall. Everyone agrees something needs to be done. My solution? Stop spending money on these companies who choose to continue to use factories which are not abiding by our laws. We can blame China as a whole all we want but the reality is the company who chooses where their manufacturing will be done. It is up to the company to make sure the factories are producing products which pass our countries laws and standards. It is up the the company to do better testing etc. China is not all to blame. Fisher Price, Mattel and so on are also to blame. So stop supporting them. Choose to spend your money on better quality products. Choose to spend your money on a company who isn't shoving characters and kid advertising down our throats.

so that is my two cents. Don't ban just the country of China. Look also at the offending businesses that continue to choose factories that they fail to oversee properly.

Here are some alternatives
Rosie Hippo
Nova Natural
And for a plastic alternative Playmobil - Playmobil is a European company who makes high quality plastic toy figures and settings. Most of their products are for older children but they do now have a line called 1*2*3 for the little ones. The pieces are bigger etc. I love their products and my kids love their products. It is the only plastic stuff we own. They engage a child's imagination. They don't just just spin around making stupid noises.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Enzo lost his first tooth today. He actually started crying when it fell out. He was extremely upset because he said he didn't want it to be over. He didn't want it to fall out. It took us a while to calm him down. Enzo has always been an emotional kid. He is very sensitive to things that most kids his age would not even pick up on. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was little. Although he said he was upset because he wanted to keep wiggling the tooth I could tell there was much more going on inside of him that perhaps even he could no verbalize. The phase where a child loses there teeth means they are leaving an part of their childhood behind as they enter a new phase. He of course does not know about this but I am sure there is something inside of him that feels it. I can vividly remember having a hard time with every phase of growing up. Inside I would be very upset at the thought and signs that I was growing up. Perhaps it was because I was the youngest and I felt bad that my parents were losing their baby. Perhaps I was just scared to lose my childhood. I had a small pang in my heart when I watched Enzo cry today. A small part of me wanted to cry with him and for him. A part of me could remember and relate to the mixed emotions one feels when phased with the obstacles, excitement and worry of growing up.

Strut Fashion Show

Mark your calendars now. The South End Art Hop is quickly approaching. This year I am proud to announce I will unveiling a few pieces from my new collection at the Strut Fashion show put on by the Art hop. There are two dates for the fashion show this year. The main clothing categories will show on Friday Sept7th at 9pm. The show I will be in is on Saturday Sept8th at 3pm for jewelry, accessories and kids.

I am very excited about my new collection. I have been busy preparing for it. Birthing a new collection is exciting. I love all aspects of it. Right now I am finishing up the three pieces I will be presenting at the fashion show. This collection is something completely new for me. It is very different from everything I have done up to this point. I hope you will join me on Saturday Sept 8th for the big unveiling.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a weekend. On Saturday we headed down to our CSA farm to pick our weekly share of flowers and beans. We do our veggie pick up on Thursdays but they allow you to do the pick you own portions anytime during the week. It allows us to wait until the weekend when JB can come with us. The kids loving going there and it such a lovely place to be. Saturday night JB and I had our second date all year. My lovely neighbors offered to babysit the kids again. They are the best neighbors I could ever ask for. I feel so lucky to live next to them. We decided to go to an early movie and ended up seeing Stardust. I liked it. Some my think it was cheesy but we both actually enjoyed it. It was a cross between The Princess Bride and The Holy Grail. After the movie we sat outside of a local watering hole and had a beer.

It was so nice to be out with JB. It was amazing to be downtown on a Saturday night too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kid Rock

My absolute favorite children's musician Justin Roberts is coming to Higher Ground Music in South Burlington on October 13th for a special Noontime show.

If you have kids you cannot miss this show. I am super picky about what kind of children's music gets played in this house. No Barney crap here. This guy is enjoyable for both kids and adults. I actually like putting his CD on to listen to with the kids. If you are looking to buy one to get to know his music a bit better I recommend Great Big Sun as your first choice. It is by far the BEST.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kacey Boone - "Subsixstudios"
Originally uploaded by Studio STK
me and my table at the Studio STK Art-to-Go DIY Show and Sell