Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tea for me, tea for you

My husband and I are huge tea drinkers. I used to be a coffee drinker before kids. Something happened to my body after having children and it cannot handle caffeine the way it used to. There is something about the simple act of making tea that I love so much. It is slow process that makes your body and mind slow down as well. The process of brewing the tea, then letting it steep, and lastly sitting and enjoying a cup or two. I find that even in the middle of a busy day it is what I can make for myself and enjoy a few times a day as a way to quiet my mind. My ritual so far is to have a cup of chamomile or orange tea in the morning with honey, some type of sweet & spicy variety like Good Earth or Celestial Seasonings Belgian Spice. Then at night I have a lemon ginger type. I have always wanted to get into using bulk loose teas. There is a wonderful company in Vermont called Love & Tea that makes awesome loose teas. We tried using tea balls but we were never really happy with them. I had been eyeing some wonderful ceramic tea pots that have a built in tea infuser that sits in the pot. The concept is you boil the water for your tea in a different pot and then pour the water into this ceramic pot that contains the loose tea, let it steep and then you have a nice little pot to put on the table and serve tea from.

So when trying to decide what to get my husband for Christmas this year I came across one at a local store and thought it would be a perfect gift. I chose to get one made by Bee House that looked like this

I was very excited about my gift. I would him some orange tea from Love & Tea to go with it and wrapped it all up.

Chrismas morning came and he gave me my present. I was suprised beyond belief when I opened it and found that he had also thought of the same idea and bought me a tea pot. It was a different version. He chose one made by For Life. Same color though. I actually almost got this same one for him This is the one he got me.

We laughed so hard over this. How funny. We were not sure if we should keep them both at first but we have since decided to do so. The one I got him is a bit smaller. It holds about 2 mugs where the one he got me holds about 4 so we thought they would both be useful. So now here we sit, sick as dogs, sipping lovely tea and trying to heal.

happy health to all. drink more tea.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Close enough

pure joy

Ok I stayed away as long as I could. So much has happened and so much is about to happen that I thought I better start doing some updating now. I can't wait any longer.

First off here - Happy Holidays! It has been a rough month for us. As I mentioned earlier I developed pneumonia earlier in the month. It put me on bed rest and forced me to slow down. The good thing was that I learned to crochet while in bed that week. See my projects here.

The week I was finally feeling recovered my oldest son E swallowed a magnetic ball from the popular toy set Magnetix Magnetic Building Set. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and he came in and said "Mom I just swallowed one of the magnets." I freaked out (shouldn't have) and actually yelled at him at first. I was scared and pissed. He has never put stuff in his mouth before. Anyways then I got scared. I called the Dr. and they told me to take him to the ER. Of course this was the day JB went snowboarding so I was without car. The Dr said we could wait for him to get home (he was about 40 minutes away) because it was clear that the magnet ball was not obstructing his breathing or anything. I started freaking out even more when I googled these things and saw there was a recall on the. Read about that HERE. To make a long story short we had an extra and it confirmed the ball made it into his stomach and was not stuck in his chest anywhere. We had to wait the weekend to see if it came out. By the following Monday it hadn't so we had to go back in for another X-ray. At this point they were giving us a week. If it was not out by Christmas Eve we would need to go back in and have them take it out. Not what we wanted to hear. Luckily it ended coming out on that week and we danced a happy dance of joy.

This is a dangerous toy. If more than one magnet is swallowed it can cause serious internal damage and possible death to a child. I threw my set away. I will not take that risk again.

Ok so 2nd ordeal of the month over. Next JB came down with a cold and bam I got it the Sunday before Christmas so we were both sick as dogs over the holiday. Thank goodness we were not traveling or entertaining anyone. It just really sucks because I feel like I have been sick now (because I have) since before Thanksgiving. This is a different virus and really just a head cold but still. It really sucks.

So that is my quick update in a nutshell. It feels good to be back. The break was much needed. I am excited to unveil a new project I am now involved in. I will be sharing the news in the next few days. Probably after the New Year all the ducks will be lined up and ready to go. Good things to come. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for waiting.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Neck Warmer

My second crotchet project was a scarf for my oldest son E. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. My youngest son wanted one too so
I decided to make
him a shortened version and made a neck warmer instead.
Here it is. My third crochet project. Pattern free.
Thanks Erinn for the idea to stitch a different color around the edges.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My new obsession

Being on bed rest this past week with pneumonia drove me crazy. So I decided to finally learn how to crotchet. With a big plastic crotchet hook from my son's weaving kit, some nasty old acrylic yarn I found in my studio, my laptop and a video from Expert Village I taught myself how to crotchet. After making a few pieces that came out a triangles I called my dear friend, the master at Urban-Farmgirl and she set me straight again. Since getting her advice I have been able to keep my stitches straight. Well sort of. Here is the scarf I have been working on. I am officially addicted. Thanks Erinn for the help!

Friday, December 07, 2007

See you in January

I have decided to extend my blog break until after the holidays. I am finally starting to feel a bit better but I still have a long way to go. Because of this and because of the upcoming holidays I will be taking a much needed break from everything. Getting pneumonia has taught be that I have recently taken on too many things. Between blogging, my crafting business, taking on a 20hr/wk job at home and raising two kids full time I have over done it. I recently got to a point that I remember too well. Two years ago when I decided to quit my job to stay home I had come to a similar point. It was too much for me. I realized then, and I have been reminded now, that I am the type of person who cannot take on too much. My body reacts badly to stress. I get sick, I breakdown, and I lose myself.

It is unfortunate that I let myself get off track and ended up getting this sick. I will learn from it though and move on. Being on bed rest has already done a lot for me. In the past two weeks I have:
1. Read The Road
2. Read Middlesex3. Started teaching myself to crotchet
4. In an attempt to stay away from the computer I picked up my journal and have attempted to begin handwriting again. What a concept. I think my hands actually forget how to use a pen.
5. Just started reading You Must Remember This

As I head into a new year I look forward to taking on the following resolutions:

1. Say no more
2. Finish crocheting a scarf
3. Read Eat, Pray, Love
4. Use my yoga punch card from last Christmas
5. Finish my written work for my Childbirth education course by this summer
6. Say no more.

I wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year. See you 2008

Slow down, reflect, buy less, love more


Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Queen City Craft Bazaar on Saturday was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. Here is a picture of my table.

Here is the lovely Sara from Made Boutique & Gallery. She is also my partner in crime. We co-organize the Queen City Craft Bazaar together. She is amazing to work with. We handpick all of the artists and the result is a wonderful mix of the best of the best indie crafters in Vermont.

Zoe from Birdie Handmade is a dear friend of mine and a genius crafter. She makes the most amazing things from recycled wool sweaters. She is a selling machine too. Those stuffed creatures were almost sold out by the end of the show.

Sara also had a table at the event selling off many wonderful handmade goods from her store. If you haven't heard yet she has decided to close her shop (boo-hoo) at the end of December. We will miss her terribly. We love you Sara!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

blog break

I won't be around much this week. I just found out I have walking pneumonia. I haven't been this sick in a very long time. I pushed myself way too far. I don't know what happened to me. I was the poster child for slowing down and taking care of yourself when sick. My life changed two months ago when I took on this 20 hr a week job while staying home with my kids, plus running my jewelry business and getting ready for three holiday craft shows. I just kept going thinking I was getting better and now here I am on bed rest. I am not good at just laying back while my JB does everything. He has been amazing. Taking care of the kids, the house and trying to get his work done at night. I have had to zip my lips when dinner is late and bedtime is later. I am too sick to care and it feels awesome. I think he actually likes being able to just do things his way for once. So i got some drugs today and my orders to stay in bed. JB got me a pile of magazines and I watched a movie on the laptop while laying in bed today. It was nice today but I know I will be going stir crazy by tomorrow. At this point I just want to feel normal again. I am pissed at myself for letting this happen. I took on way too much and my body bit back to say no more.

I am taking a much needed rest and won't be blogging this week.

talk soon