Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Status update

Enzo' artwork has changed so much this year. I am so proud of his budding skills. This is a picture he drew of our half dog Silis. Silis doesn't live with us but we have visitation rights (long story).
A picture of the boys today. They have this thing with strings. Forgot toys. They each just need a string and they will have a full day of fun.

I have been a busy girl. I took on a 5 week consulting job at my old company helping them finish up a website project. This time around I set some boundaries so I wouldn't get as burned out as I did in the fall. I am working roughly 3-4 hours a day from home. It is still a juggling circus as I drive Enzo to school, JB to work, hit the gym three of the days, then rush home with Sal in tow to log in by 10:00 am. This is after having been on to check email and set up my resources with their work for the morning all before leaving the house at 7:45. All in all I feel like I am finally getting the swing of it. It is hard since I have Sal home with me still but it was hard working full time out of the house too. Neither one is a piece of cake. I am just grateful to have this opportunity and I plan to keep it going as long as the work comes in. We are able to pay off some debt without having to pay any childcare so it is worth the sacrifice for now.

On top of this I have been busy building my new Barefoot Books business. I have my second home event next week, I have fundraising opportunities sent out to two local preschools, I have officially become a sponsor by having another Stallholder join my team, and I have a few prospects hopefully joining in the next few weeks. All of this in the two months since I joined. I am extremely excited to build my team and business.

Enzo has been on school vacation this week. It has been so nice to be able to lounge around in bed with the kids while JB has to get up and rush off to the bus. Sorry honey - that sucks for you. I love the break from drop off and pick up. What I don't like though is missing my rest time when Sal naps. We have had a mellow week because Sal ended up with pneumonia. It was a very mild case and he is fine now having been on antibiotics all week but it still sucks. He ended up getting nebulizer treatment and we were sent in with a home one. He goes in next week to get checked for asthma, allergies etc.

As for the weather - well I am sick of it. It is cold and snowy with no signs of spring in site. I am dreaming of my garden. I am planning on turning my existing vegetable garden plot into the kids digging area and instead I am going to have 4 raised bed gardens in a different spot for the veggies. I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the earth again. I am going to start my garden journal soon so I can plan out some new beds I plan on starting as well.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dare to dream

The little movie that could Once was represented at the Oscars last night. The two musicians who played as actors in the movie as well were up for an oscar last night for Best Original Song in a movie last night. Here they are Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová accepting the award.

Here is the performance from last night

Markéta was not able to give her speech so they actually brought her out later so she could have the chance to give it. I can't get my hands on that video yet but I will post it once I do. It was just amazing to see these people win. You could tell how humbled they were by the experience. I was a bit afraid that crappy disney music would win over indie music since the three songs from the movie Enchantment were also up for oscars. I am so thankful the academy was able to see these well deserving and true talents for what they are. Watching Gen and Markéta win and then Diablo Cody for Juno was so inspiring. Three truly independent artists who really prove that anyone's dreams can come true.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday is Pie Day

Pizza pie that is. Having pizza on Friday for dinner is a tradition JB and I have done since before having children. Back in the day though we ordered out for pizza every Friday. Even after Enzo was born we were able to keep this tradition going. Once the second child was born and I stopped working we had to cut out things like going out for dinner and ordering pizza. So I started buying store bought dough and making our own pizza. I have recently moved to making my own pizza dough each week now and I am loving it. It takes a bit more time and there are some days where I wish I could just pick up the phone and call my order in, but I love the process of making the dough fresh each week. There is nothing like the taste of homemade dough. This is now one of the reasons I love Fridays. I love that it is the beginning of the weekend, I love making my pizza dough, I love happy hour, I love watching a movie in the evening with JB.

Hooray for Fridays!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Once I finish school I will do this
Once I get a job I will do that
Once I have babies I will do this
Once my kids are grown I will do that
WAKE up - now is the time. Stop what you are doing and Start doing that one thing you have been putting off your entire life.

If you need some inspiration or are interested in hearing some of the best music ever made on this planet then you must watch the movie Once. Music has always been a big part of my life. It can move and motivate me. The music in Once has done this. I have always been one to judge music by my emotional reaction to it. The best music in the world to me can make me cry. It is very strange but certain music will strike an emotional chord in my body and make me cry. From rock to pop, folk to heavy metal - the best of the best will bring tears to my eyes. Let's just say it has been a while since any music I have heard lately has done this. The strike is over. I can't get enough of the music in Once. It plays over and over again in my head day in and day out.

Watch the preview for yourself below. If this song does not make you tingle you might not want to watch the movie. This movie is about the music. The actors are the real musicians. There is an incredible back story to this film that which I don't feel like going into here. My better half did a good job writing about the film here if interested. This movie was exactly what I needed to watch this week. I got out my guitar yesterday and played three times throughout the day. An act I have not done in some time.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day to all.

JB brought me home these flowers last night and tonight we will enjoy some Lake Champlain chocolates that we got to share.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New in Shop

New in my Etsy Shop today.

These little lovely recrafted earrings. The pendents were recycled from a found necklace and reused to make these crackled plastic pendent earrings.

Did I mention there is free shipping on all earrings?

Monday, February 04, 2008

green with envy

I have been finding a lot of inspiration in home decorating lately. Creativity can be found in so many things. I am currently in a rut with my jewelry. When this happens I tend to reach out to other creative outlets that inspire me. This week I am thinking a lot about home decorating. I have a small house and a smaller budget so I am always looking for interesting ways to change up the look and feel of my house. I am a gemini and I cannot stand to have things look the same for too long at the homestead. My husband often jokes that he will sometimes come home and a room will be completely rearranged. One of my spring projects includes adding color to my house. The inside of my house is all white walls. That will be changing soon. I seek color, energy, spirit and calmness.

Here are some things I found this week that I love

I love
this communal table
the green chairs
the white brick wals
the lamp.
I love everything about this room.

I love
more before and afters from Design*Sponge
Talk about inspiration
These posts have me scanning craigslist everyday.
Perhaps I should just start looking within instead and update a piece of furniture in need that I already own

hmm . . .

Saturday, February 02, 2008

My daily fix

I have a weakness. I usually can't get through my day without it. I have tried to give it up but it just gets harder and harder. By mid afternoon I give in to my craving and pop some chocolate into my mouth.

Now any old chocolate just won't do. I am picky. I can't stand milk chocolate. It has to be dark. I have realized the higher quality the chocolate, the less I need to satisfy my craving. No crappy milk chocolate made with fake vanillin (yes look on the back - most are made with it now.) I want the real, dark stuff made with real vanilla extract. It is out there but you have to look.

My personal favorite is Lake Champlain Chocolates made right here in Burlington VT. They even have some great info on the health benefits of dark chocolate. All the more reason to eat some.

The way I satisfy my craving is to buy my favorite chocolate chips either these from Lake Champlain Chocolates, or these from Ghiradelli. I'm sorry but the cheap chocolate chips just won't do the same trick. The reasons these work so well is because of their size and flavor you can have just a few and you should be fine. Give me the cheap stuff and I would have to eat the whole bag. This way I keep a secret stash in the cabinet and I dip in just a few once day and I am good to go. Try it . I swear it works.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Enzo is reading!

He started a few months ago and has been progressing so much. In this picture he is actually reading this book to his little brother. It was honestly the most heart warming thing I have ever seen. He is in a multi age classroom. It is kindergarten and 1st graders mixed. He is in Kindergarten. I believe so strongly now in multi age classrooms for early education. It allows the children to get support regardless of their abilities. JB and I are both big readers so hearing him read for the first time was a wonderful milestone. We have been reading to him since birth. I can see the pride he now takes in being able to sit with a book and read it himself. We still read to him on a daily basis but we make sure he takes some time each day to practice reading on his own as well.