Thursday, August 28, 2008

1st day of 1st grade

Well I survived the first day of 1st grade. Yesterday my oldest son started school. There was a lot of excitement and nervousness in the air. We had been going to an alternative program at another school for Kindergarten but since there were going to be dismantling the program we decided to move him into our neighborhood elementary school for 1st grade. The best part about this new school is that we can walk or ride bikes! Drop off went well. JB came with me so we could all see him off together. He seemed to do fine until we got into his class line. All of a sudden I could see the look of fear on his face. I asked him if he was nervous and he gave me a quick nod of the head. I gave him one last hug, the bell rang, he went inside, and I cried. All in all he said he had a great day. When I asked him how recess went he said he had fun but that he didn't have anyone to play with. This broke my heart. All the kids already know each other because they went to Kindergarten together last year. So he is the new kid on the block. He had so many great friends at his last school I think it is hard for him to be on the outside now. So here we are on the second day. I am hoping he has better luck breaking into some friendship circles today.

We also had a preschool open house for Sal yesterday. That was quite exciting. I can't say that I was thrilled about the room. It was stark and cold but in their defense it is a brand new program at the school and this will be the first class so I know I need to give it some time. He starts up in a few weeks. He went zooming right off to play though. No shyness in that kid.

So all in all we survived the first day. Lots of paper work to fill out, new school handbooks to read and lots of prayers that everything goes well for him this year.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We took a quick vacation to NH last weekend. It was way too short but we had a blast. The boys look so big in these pictures. I guess they are now.
Time is flying by.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Product Find: The Munchie Mug

I love this! I must get one.

Introducing the Munchie Mug for infants and toddlers:

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden update

My garden is bursting with flavor. I am growing corn for the first time, pumpkins, peppers (sweet and hot), beans, cucumbers, and lots and lots of tomatoes. I have been making home made pizza sauce, pasta sauce and salsa daily. I love summer.

Here are some pictures from my garden.

Bean tower

Harvest time

Garden friend

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Book Review: The Sun in Me

Special Offer Price $10.99

The Sun In Me

Poems About the Planet
"A wide-ranging poetry collection covers sea, sun, sky, and earth illuminated by stunning illustrations."—Kirkus Review

From the rainforests of Africa to the mountains of Japan, Judith Nicholls brings together a diverse collection of poems from many cultures that celebrate the beauty and fragility of our Earth. Beth Krommes's illustrations of colorful landscapes, animals and people beautifully complement each poem, creating an heirloom-quality gift book that will delight children of all ages.