Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Motivating ones self while working from home can be a tricky thing. I don't have a very typical job and it doesn't have any certain tasks that I must perform each day but I still need to organize, prioritize, and get things accomplished. Now that the boys are in school I have a small window of opportunity to have child free work time each day. The window is very small. 2 hours and 45 minutes to be exact. Since I decided to have a third child this summer (aka the dog) that window actually becomes 2 hours since he requires a trip to the dog park each morning. So 2 hours to myself. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I try to pick one day each as my errand day. On this day I don't come home after dropping the kids off and just head right into town to do errands. I also try to pick one friend day each week. This day includes meeting a friend for coffee or some other activity following school drop off. So that leaves me on average 3 days to stay home during those two morning hours and focus.

The time is usually spent on the computer. I am not currently doing any web consulting work (hint hint) so my jewelry and book business is my main focus. I can usually be found taking pictures of products, listing products, promoting products all morning long. It is amazing how much time and effort this takes. My online marketing includes:

*my own website
*my web shop on smashing darling
*my barefoot books website
*various parenting social networking sites that I blog on
*my blog

For all of these I need to upload pictures, write descriptions, update banners, widgets, promote new products, offer specials etc. This in iteself is a full time job. Which is why the 2 hours I get in the morning each day doens't cut it and this is why I am on and off the computer all day performing these tasks. Social network marketing maybe free but it sure does come with a pricetag.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I got into a bike crash yesterday and had to go to the ER with the kids. I picked E up from school he was on his bike and I was one mine with S in the bike trailer. I was coming up on a gas station and there was a big bush that my bike got to close to and it through my bike down. The handle bar was sticking straight up and I fell down on it getting it right in the sternum. I couldn't get up and next thing I know all these people were around me and I was freaking out because I kept making sure the kids were ok and then an ambulance came and took me and the kids to the ER. The owner of the store had called. He also gave the kids some ice cream and was so nice to all of us. So were all the other people who stopped. My husband met us there after a friend who stopped and saw it all called him. They took X-rays and luckily there were no breaks or fractures and no bleeding or evidence of a damaged lung so they sent me home. I am ok but it just hurts like all heck.

It was so scary. One of my greatest fears has always been something happening to me when I was alone with the kids. They were so scared but so brave. I am so proud of them. Ironically as I was leaving the house I decided to leave my bag at home. I always bring it with me and it has my cell phone in it. For some reason today I chose to leave it there and actually said to myself "I'm coming right home after picking him up so I don't need to lug it with me." I also always have a piece of paper in my wallet that says In case of emergency call - and then I have my husbands name and number. I always felt silly having it in there but now I know why. I feel lucky that someone I actually knew stopped.

The other thing I feel lucky about is that my youngest son was in a bike trailer and not one of those seats on the back of my bike. Even though my bike spilled the bike trailer stayed upright.

So I am home now and feeling better but my chest kills. I have to take it easy for a few days and not lift anything but the scare of internal bleeding or fractures was ruled out.