Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nuby BPA-Free Bug a Loop Teether Bead Necklace

This Nuby BPA-Free Bug a Loop Teether Bead Necklace helps your child with the natural process of teething. Constructed of firm, smooth material, the Bug a Loop allows active gum exercise prior to the emergence of teeth. For newly emerged teeth, the soft texture promotes development. For ages 3 months and above.

Get it at a discount price of only $4.29 at Kid Surplus

Monday, October 27, 2008

The very first Crafter Spotlight has been posted at Queen City Craft. Check it out!

Week in review

Last week we John's sister Catherine was here visiting from CO. It was her first solo trip without other family members. It was great to spend alone time with her. John had taken the week off of work also so it was like a vacation for me having two adults around all day to talk to and help out with the kids.

Thursday we went to a corn maze at Sam Mazza's farm.
Friday we we took a drive to Middlebury (a place I would love to move to) so Catherine could do some leaf peeping. The leaves were past their prime but still pretty enough to capture a few pictures. While in Middlebury we decided to stop at Ottercreek Brewing and pick up a few growlers.

Friday night we had a babysitter and the three of us enjoyed a night out at Red Square as we said goodbye to to friends and ex-coworkers who are moving on to other things.

Saturday afternoon I took Enzo to a pumpkin carving party and John took Sal to a birthday party while Catherine had a few moments of peace and quite in the house. Later that evening after the kids went to bed we enjoyed our local brew and good conversation.
Sunday morning (very early) John took Catherine to the airport. We spent the morning slowly getting the house back together. My friend Amy and her daughter stopped by for a visit. After lunch we drove to our favorite farm to get pumpkins and helped the kids carve them when we got home.

It was a whirl wind of a week but oh so nice. I just wish I had one more day to decompress.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queen City Craft

A few months ago Erinn and I decided to close down the Burlington Craft Mafia. It was a tough decision for us but for various reasons it just didn't feel right any more. We are very proud of what the group accomplished in the 2 1/2 years we existed. Erinn and I have been talking about wanting to continue our mission of promoting indie craft in Vermont. This weekend a light bulb lit up in my head and Queen City Craft was born.

From our new blog:

Welcome to Queen City Craft. A place to spread the word about indie craft in Vermont.

Indie craft is about pushing the limits, finding your own line, reusing, recrafting, and creating. It is about offering an alternative.

Craft has taken on a whole new meaning over the past few years with the boom that has taken place across the country. With a punkier edge indie crafters are breaking the mold of traditional craft.

Vermont is our home. It is also home to many talented writers, artists and musicians. So far though we don't really fit into any of the existing creative groups. We hope to create a space where all indie crafters in Vermont feel welcome. We want to give us a voice, support, teach, and spread the word.

Join us.

Thanks to Sara (formerly of Made Boutique & Gallery) for letting us run with the name and passing on the logo for me to rework. We are so thankful for all the work Sara did in Burlington and we hope we can continue her mission. Sara is moving on to other adventures. We wish her the best of luck.

Check out our new project

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clearly I am having a shoe issue this week. While shopping around online tonight I found my next obsession.

Hush Puppies Women's Eco-Friendly 'Tikuna' Boots

* Women's Hush Puppies shoes are as comfortable as they are good looking
* Women's mid-calf shoes feature 100-percent natural hemp lining for extra soft feel
* Boots boast breathable bamboo-molded footbed
* Genuine wood buttons
* Antibacterial
* Moisture wicking
* Absorbs odor
* Natural latex rubber outsole with jute insert, water-soluble cements
* Features eco-friendly, full-grain milled nubuck from ISO-14001 tanneries
* Padded footbed
* Available in black and hickory color options

The best part is they are available on for just a bit more than the slippers I blogged about below. Cute boots, eco friendly, and a great price? Oh what is a girl to do now?

The perfect slipper

I have been on a search for the perfect slipper. We don't wear shoes in the house so once winter comes slippers are a necessity. Having two kids and a dog the floors get quite messy. It has been a tough challenge though since I have some specific requirements.
  • Eco friendly construction.
  • Cute enough to look like you are wearing shoes around the house but aren't.
  • Comfy enough to feel like you are wearing slippers and not shoes.
I have finally found the perfect pair. The Layaway slipper by Simple. Simple has an amazing line up of eco friendly shoes for men, women and children. You can check out the full line at I will probably purchase mine from Zappos because of their super fast service.

Ok back to the Layaway slipper. I jumped with glee when I saw this slipper. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Felted wool uppers, lined in certified organic cotton knit, coconut buttons,a layered natural crepe outsole, held together with water based cements, and they are super cute to boot.

I know at $59 the price seems a bit steep. I am biting my lip as I contemplate what I am going to do. I wonder if my husband meant spend $59 when he said "buy yourself some slippers online today" as he walked out the door in response to my constant bitching about walking around in wet socks.

My thought process around it being ok is based on these facts:
  • I usually end up spending $10-$20 on a cheapo pair each year that are barely still together by the time spring comes.
  • Since I am home full time I spend more time indoors so this is the equivalent of buying a new pair of shoes for work
  • I need the slippers to be good quality with good soles since I am chasing around two kids and a dog and running up and down stairs all day.
  • Even though I am home full time I need to keep up my "coolness" factor. I can't have the UPS guy see me in pink fuzzy slippers. He might think I just sit around and eat bon bons all day. We can't have that.
I think my reasons are valid don't you? Should I get them?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend wrap up.

We had an amazing weekend. On Saturday we celebrated Enzo's 7th birthday with two parties. In the early afternoon we had 4 of his friends over for a Halloween themed party. All the kids came dressed in costumes. I had made origami bats to hang on the clothes line. The best part of the party was the skeleton hunt. I bought a large plastic skeleton that had easy to remove body parts. I took apart all of the arm and leg bones which ended up being 12 separate parts. I then hid them throughout the yard and had the kids find them. Once all 12 were found we worked together to put all the pieces back on the body. It was great fun. The weather was a perfect fall day.

The kids left at 3:00 and then at 4:00 we had invited our close friends to stop by for a second celebration. This one included handmade pizza by me and some yummy VT beers. I made 6 pizzas total. The dough and sauce made from scratch. A second cake went around and everyone was full by the end. I made an apple spice cake but instead of making it a double layer I served one layer during the early party and the second layer in the afternoon.

Colorful trees in our backyard

Enzo posing in front of the origami bats
me and the boys
Skeleton scavenger hunt fun.
Cake time

Monday, October 06, 2008

Enzo Turns 7

Today we are celebrating the birth of Enzo. Today he turns 7.

7 is such a magical age. So much changes in the 7th year. In the past year you learned how to read, tie your shoes and build creations out of legos and zoobs like a pro. You are amazing to watch grow. Your mind is constantly absorbing and tinkering, building and sharing. You have changed so much emotionally too. You broke out of you shell a bit more this year and gained a lot of self confidence. I can't even describe in words how very proud of you I am.

Happy Birthday my sweet love.